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Diversity Workshop

Grundtvig Diversity Module


ANSE would like to offer this workshop to all National Organizations, supervision training institutes, universities and other interested parties as a chance to get knowledge and experience that has been obtained. Grundtvig Diversity Module „ Dealing with Diversity &Muticulturality as a Supervisor“ is a fully developed workshop that can be realized by professionals who took part in the project.

Life Long Learning Programme Grundtvig Learning partnership project “Counselling in a Multicultural Europe – A Key Competence within Life Long Learning” was the first project of ANSE carried out from 2008 – 2010. The following ANSE member National Organizations took part in this project: Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, Latvia, Romania and The Netherlands. As a result, the module„Dealing with Diversity &Interculturality as a Supervisor“was created.

Read more about content: Workshop description, possible timeframe

Read more about procedure: Rules of procedure to apply for and carry out the Grundtvig Diversity Module

Trainers: Trainers list

Read report on experience (3) of previous workshop „Dealing with Diversity & Interculturality as a Supervisor“ in Stavanger, 2015:

  • Report by Gerian Dijkhuizen, the Netherlands, Eva Nemes, Hungary

If you are interested in the Grundtvig Diversity Workshop or need information please contact IneseStankus-Visa: i.stankusvisa@anse.eu or office@anse.eu