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Summer Universities

ANSE SUMMER UNIVERSITY 2019, 26-30 August in Bolzano/Bozen Italy

This year’s ANSE Summer University will be organized in cooperation with the BSC (Association for Supervision, Coaching and Organizational Development, Italy) and the Association of National Organization for Supervision in Europe (ANSE) and will be held in Bolzano from 26th to 30th August 2019.

With the topic “Connecting Worlds through Supervision and Coaching”, the SU19 wants to deal with social tensions. In history, these forces have expressed themselves in different ways. In today’s world, fission and polarization seem to be predominant. On the other hand, the need and longing for union is a strong need. To which extent supervision and coaching can contribute to connect different worlds is to be shown and discussed at the Summer University in Bolzano.

The first day (26.8.2019) is all about South Tyrol: The keynote speakers will be Prof. Dr. Hans Heiss (historian and lecturer at the University of Innsbruck) and Dr. Lucio Giudiceandrea (journalist at RAI). In the evening, everyone is invited to a traditional South Tyrolean dinner.

On the second day (27.8.2019), the topic of leadership from a traditional and innovative perspective will be highlighted. Dr. Wolfgang Looss (Management Development Darmstadt) and Sara Niese (Dipl. Psychologist from Stuttgart) speak. In the afternoon there will be workshops on the topic.

The third day (28.8.2019) is dedicated to the topic “Business and Social: Interdependence and Dialogue between Two Worlds”. The two speakers on this day are Prof. Marjaana Gunkel (Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Bozen) and Prof. Silvia Sacchetti (Department of Sociology and Social Sciences, University of Trento). In the afternoon there will be further workshops on the theme suitable.

The fourth day (29.8.2019) revolves around the topic “Generations”. Prof. Dr. Brigitte Geissler-Piltz from Berlin and Dr. Karin Herrmann from Stuttgart will be the keynote speakers. As usual, the afternoon will be filled with exciting workshops.

The fifth and last day (30.8.2019) of the Summer University will reflect on the previous days and provide space for presentation from the International Intervision Groups. The ANSE board will report on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from current projects and work priorities and also provides space for new International Intervision Groups.

In addition, visitors to the Summer Universtiy 2019 can look forward to a varied evening program in Bolzano and the surrounding area.

More information about costs and accommodation as well as the registration form can be found at:

Register now at: www.supervision-coaching.it/bridging-connecting-worlds-through-supervision-and-coaching-anse-summer-university


We look forward to an exciting and varied Summer University 2019 and hope to welcome you in Bolzano!