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Summer Universities

Summer Universities

2019 ANSE Summer University  “Bridging – connecting worlds through supervision and coaching”,  Bolzano, Italy, Program, Presentation.

2017 ANSE Summer University  “Moving and being moved – Coaching and Supervision in a rapidly changing world”, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

2015 ANSE Summer University “Supervision – Guiding Lights for Development in Times of Crisis”, Zadar, Croatia, Program

2013 ANSE Summer University “Trust” Kaunas, Lithuania Trust, Program

2011 ANSE Summer University Inspiring moments in supervision – how to promote change Stavanger, Norway Invitation

2009 ANSE Summer University “Supervision – a vital Vision” Dublin, Ireland Impressions, Presentation

2007 ANSE Summer University “International and Intercultural Experience in Supervision” Tallinn, Estonia Program, Summary

2005 ANSE Summer University cancelled Hungary Registration, Program DE, Program EN

2003  ANSE Summer University Intercultural dialog in Supervision Hungary
Lecture, Article 1 DE, Article 2 DE